Big Business Breakfast Club
Big Business Breakfast Club
business networking with a conscience
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    Sussex-based face 2 face business networking with all the good stuff and none of the (frankly awkward) pitching and selling bits. You could say it’s pitch perfect… if you were that way inclined.

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Why attend the Big Business Breakfast Club?

If you’re new to networking – particularly ‘in real life’ now we’re out of that damn pandemic – then the BBBC is the perfect step-in. Approachable and light hearted, we do exactly what it says on the tin – we get local business owners in a room, ply them with a Full English and enough coffee to sink a battleship, then sit back and watch as the early morning creative fireworks fly.  


You won’t have to stand up and present anything, there are no pressurised elevator pitch sessions, and no-one’s going to randomly put you on the spot. It might be worth practicing your fake laugh though, for when host Steve Darby drops one of his legendarily terrible jokes.  


While The Big Business Breakfast Club has got definite worldwide appeal, at our heart we’re incredibly local-centric. We’re all about supporting (and being supported by) local businesses. Our raison d’être (get us) is working together as a local business collective so we can all move forward. Think of us as a big, warm, business-y group hug – who doesn’t love one of those? Ok fair enough, maybe think of us as a warm and very enthusiastic handshake, after all we are British not American.

→ Over 50 local business leaders at every event

→ Different prestigous Brighton venues each month

→ No uncomfortable pitches. Anti SPAM policy

→ Building long term relationships

→ For local business, by local business

  • Meeting Venue: In person at a different prestigious Brighton venue every month (we like to keep it spicy) 
  • When: The third Friday of every month (we also like routine) 
  • Time: 8am (for an 8.30am sharp sit-down breakfast start) until 10am. If you are a keen, lean, networking machine, the rooms are open from 7am so do feel free to take full advantage of us 
  • Ticket Price: £30 - unlimited coffees & teas (bring on the caffeine), Full English Breakfast (vegan, vegi, GF & DF are all catered for) or if you prefer a fancy feel, plump for the Continental 

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Who are we

You’ve heard of the Juice Breakfast Club, right? Ok, trust us when we say it used to be a big deal on the Brighton networking scene. Then there was The Global Business Breakfast Club (oh come on, you’ve definitely heard of that one) – that was pretty great too and did the same job. 

But now… (drum roll please) from the good people that brought you the Juice Breakfast Club and The Global Business Breakfast, we give you… The Big Business Breakfast Club! 

It’s essentially the same deal as before but this time run completely by Sussex businesspeople, for Sussex businesspeople, with the aim of er… doing more business in Sussex. Like we said earlier, it’s not rocket science - we do what it says on the tin.  

We meet on the third Friday of every month, a bunch of loveable, likeable, local people looking to make healthy connections and just as importantly, friendships. We purposefully keep it a relaxed, informal networking opportunity. Informative speakers – yes. Pitches and selling – no, no, no. Topped and tailed with plenty of open networking, you have enough time and space to meet people properly, just like real life.  

We also collect and donate money each month to a local charity, chosen by whoever that month’s guest speaker is. To find out who we’re supporting this month, head over to the events page, feel free to donate as much or as little as you’d like.  

Ultimately, we’re all about good, honest, early-morning fun, from a business point of view. The third Friday of every month, why not come along and see what all the fuss is about?  

Big Breakfast Business Club – see you there! 

Meet the team behind BBBC

We're not in it for the money - There is no money in it, the ticket price covers the breakfast and venue hire, the sponsorship is used to promote and advertise each event. We are in it for the love and because business networking needs a bit of fun every once in a while - so thats what we try to deliver - a little bit of fun, on the third friday of each and every month. Run for local business leaders, by local business leaders.


June 2023

Sponsored by Lanton Maintenance

May 2023

Sponsored by Brighton CCTV

April 2023

Sponsored by Brighton & Hove Business Show

March 2023

Sponsored by Acumen Business Law

A selection of photos from February's  meeting

Images courtesy of Xavier Clarke of 28th Street Media

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Each month's event is sponsored. This sponsorship enables us to invest in promotion and advertising to grow the awareness and attendance of BBBC to pre-covid levels when we regularly over 100 guests each month.

One unique benefit of sponsorship is the opportunity for the months sponsor to nominate a charity of it's choice to benefit from awareness and donations.

Gold Package

  • Advertising across social media (instagram, facebook and linkedin (over 20,000 reach).
  • Email blast to event database (3000 x 4 times).
  • Tagged in various social posts (5,000 reach).
  • Advertorial inside Sussex Business Times magazine.
  • Logo on all promotional print.
  • Logo on all event badges & attendee lists.
  • Opportunity to show promotional graphics at the event.
  • Distribute promotional material at the event.
  • Nominate a charity partner to raise awareness for and collect donations through ticket sales.


Platinum Package

  • Everything listed in the Gold package PLUS
  • Event take place at YOUR venue* subject to site visit / suitability etc.
  • We'll pay you for the breakfast

This option will require a site visit to dicuss and varify if your venue is suitable to host a Big Business Breakfast. We require suitable space for pre meeting open networking, and a separate area for dining.  A typical meeting attracts over 100 attendees, we can reduce numbers if required, but space is essential.


Sponsor the Big Business Breakfast Club and boost your brand exposure! With advertising across our social media platforms, email blasts to our event database, and your logo featured on all promotional materials and event badges, sponsorship is the perfect opportunity to increase visibility and reach your target audience. Plus, as a sponsor, you'll have the opportunity to nominate a charity partner and make a positive impact in your community. Don't miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level. Invest in your future and sponsor the Big Business Breakfast Club today!

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